Monday, November 7, 2011

Special vs Common

When the special thing happens many times, it comes a common thing.

It is an interesting topic. Because we treat each Monskey as a special piece - no matter how many same units are sold. But to many "collectors" or "experienced end customers", they will value those "limited edition" more than normal pieces.

Maybe we can try to value the piece of design by how much it brings to your mind, that will make the whole thing more "3D" - than only to judge the design's availability - a "flat" angle.

The photo is from a special set, not-for-sale, Monskey in a trade show.

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musiclover84 said...

Hi, I got a monskey about a month ago at a Hot Topic in Grapevine Texas (that was the only Hot Topic I have seen them at. Do you know of any other stores that carry Monskies